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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 8, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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coming up on "today in the bay" a section of 101 is back open this morning after a deadly accident closed it for hours. >> reporter: police call it a homicide, but michelle le's family not giving up hope that the nursing student is still alive and out there. they have got a new billboard, plus information on a person of interest in the case. i'm christie smith, that story coming up in a live report. >> reporter: i'm damian trujillo. coming up, how steve jobs plans to bring a spaceship-like structure here to cupertino. that story in about five minutes. great weather landing in the bay area, finally it will feel like spring. wednesday, june 8, "today in the bay." good wednesday morning to you and thanks for joining us. it's 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get a look at that forecast. last week we were talking about
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storms, storms, storms. now it's sun, sun, sun. >> sun, sun, sun. we are going to see a gorgeous day today. high pressure clearing all the cloud cover out. this morning what we do have out there in terms of the marine layer, so shallow it's already starting to thin out and break apart. so what we're expecting today, a lot more sunshine to start. temperatures a little bit warmer. as a result, i've got those numbers coming up. let's find out what's going on with mike. >> a lot of folks are trying to get to work. we're seeing more volume on the roadway but not a whole lot of slowing. getting into the city across the binge, you're going to have some slowing midday because there's a 12:45 game in the city itself but right now just low clouds to deal with. a growing crowd but no major issues. there's a new accident southbound 101 at woodside. it sounds like all the activity is moving off to the shoulder but it's just north of highway 84. there was another big issue just south of here. laura will tell you about that coming up, but we had a problem on the peninsula for many hours this morning.
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back to you, laura. first, mike, we're learning more this morning about the investigation into missing nursing student michelle le. and not convinced by what police are saying, her family is still holding out hope this morning that she will come home safe. christie smith is live in hayward with an update for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. well, it certainly doesn't sound good. hayward police say that everything they have tells them that michelle le was killed, including evidence taken from her own car. but her family says, you know, they have heard nothing concrete to confirm that she is dead and as grim as it sounds, that includes where her body might be. so they say that they'll assume that she is alive and out there in need of help. they have put up a new billboard. the 26-year-old nursing student went missing on a break on may 27th from a lesson at kaiser med center in hayward and hasn't
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been seen since, though her car was recovered. hayward police say they have surveillance video taken from the med center parking garage, interviews with at least 25 people and evidence from five searches, but they say they can't share every single detail. >> and we tip the hand and commonly we give people the opportunity to rehearse alibis, retain evidence, to practice statements. there's just a whole slew of things that could happen by, unfortunately, releasing too much information. >> reporter: now, one person of interest in the case lives in union city. that's a former roommate of le's. neighbors say police have visited the home several times and there are reports of erratic behavior from her and that she blamed le for a breakup with her boyfriend who since filed a restraining order against her, but she apparently said she had nothing to do with the disappearance. police say she is only one of several persons of interest in
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the case. meantime le's family is working with the polly klaas foundation to try and find her. they are also planning a vigil for friday night and the reward money for information about what really happened to her stands at $65,000. >> her family coming up with a lot of money. thank you very much. well, all lanes on highway 101 in palo alto are back open right the now after a fatal accident near the oregon expressway. it happened around 3:00 this morning. a car hit a man that was crossing the highway. police have not released the name of the man who died or why he was attempting to cross the highway. police have identified the body found inside a garbage bag isn in sunnyvale. she is 46-year-old maria esther orozco. she was killed by trauma to the head. her body was found sunday morning near highway 85. the bag was lying between two
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bushes next to the sidewalk. the investigation into a deadly officer-involved shooting in san francisco continues this morning. the coroner's office is trying to determine if the man shot and killed last night was a suspected bank robber seen in these surveillance videos -- pictures, rather, from southern california. san francisco police say they were notified by the fbi that a stolen vehicle involved in a robbery in irvine was in the area. the officers tried to stop the car on buena vista avenue, but then things got out of hand. >> there was two or three of them and they were sort of screaming at a vehicle and i realized it was this gray bmw. then the bmw started to back up. he was trying to get away even though there was no space. and then there was gunfire. >> the officers say the man in the car tried to run them over so they opened fire. the man died at the hospital. investigators are trying to confirm if he is the same man responsible for two bank robberies that happened in irvine back in may. on the peninsula now, a
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warning going out to people in san carlos about locking up their cars after a series of break-ins during the last month. the sheriff's office says most of the three dozen car burglaries are happening in neighborhoods just west of el camino real. most of the cars targeted have been unlocked. the sheriff's officials say people should be sure to lock their cars and remove or hide their valuables. good advice no matter where you are. 6:06 right now. apple wants to take a bigger bite out of cupertino and steve jobs himself is making the pitch for that expansion. his vision is very unique. dane yen trdamian trujillo is l where city leaders will make a formal announcement today. >> reporter: it was right out of the macworld script. he surprised quite a few people by showing up himself here last night at cupertino city hall. jobs told the city council that
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he's making his pitch for expansion. the city posts the meetings on its youtube page. jobs said apple just purchased 92 acres in cupertino from hewlett-packard. with the icloud and ipad and every other successful apple product, the company simply needs to expand. so the most popular tenant and most popular business had few problems getting the attention of council leaders. >> here's where we are today, which is on infinite loop drive at the intersection of deanza and 280. and what we've done is we've bought this land right here. the campus we'd like to build there is one building that holds 12,000 people. it's a little like a spaceship landed. but there it is. it's a circle. and so it's curved all the way around. as you know, if you build
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things, this is not the cheapest way to build something. >> reporter: that's right out of macworld. no word on when the construction might begin but it's clear apple won't face many roadblocks here in cupertino. in fact the city council will make its formal announcement on what happened last night this morning at 11:00. we have not heard if steve jobs will be here again. i'm damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. 6:08 right now. hercules is recalling its mayor and a city councilman. returns from a special election show that more than 80% of voters approved of the recall of councilman donald cooney and mayor joanne ward. they were the only remaining members of the city's 2010 council. voters were angry over the city's recent financial troubles. marla tellez is in the newsroom this morning and has more on the big development plans for treasure island. you were talking about it yesterday. >> reporter: i was out there on the island itself. yeah, good morning, lower avmt
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good morning to you at home. after more than a decade of legal ballotses, ground breaking could begin as early as next year on that massive project to transform treasure island. yesterday the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously approved the $1.5 billion plan. it would create housing for 19,000 new residents and a shopping and business district would be built within walking distance of that new neighborhood. the board rejected an appeal filed by environmental groups that say the project would harm the ecosystem and create more traffic problems. reports say it will take more than 20 years to complete that transformation. well, bay area cities an counties whose jurisdiction include the airports and the ports of oakland and redwood city may need to design an action plan to deal with rising sea levels. the bill was passed by the sat assembly. it's all to protect against flooding. a recent study shows only half of the bay area's dozen proposed
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major bay front developments have the strategy to combat rising sea levels. experts warn rising waters could cause close to $60 billion in property damage in san mateo, alameda and santa clara counties if left unchecked. that's the latest from here, back to you. >> thanks, marla. let's see if it's a good day to head to the beach. i think possible trips are in the future. let's check in with christina for the forecast. >> if you've been in the bay area the next six months, chances are you've got a nice, pasty white on. we've got a high uv index and, yeah, i'm one of those farmer's tans. everybody will need to put that uv index on. protect yourself from the sun. high pressure stays in control keeping our skies clear. we've got a great start for you this morning. less cloud cover than we had for you yesterday. that marine layer has pushed inland so we do have a thin veil of clouds over the entire bay area, but i don't think it's
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going to last very long. i think by 10:30 mostly sunny conditions break through. 57 in hayward, 56 in sunnyvale. 54 in napa, 54 in san francisco. well on our way to the upper 60s and even thoulow 70s at lunchti. san jose, 69 degrees at noon. livermore rounding out the day in the 70s. 72 in fremont, 75 degrees in san jose and 76 in gilroy. now, of course the giants are in town, 12:45. the weather will be good for the game. traffic around the stadium not so good, right, mike? >> that's why we encourage folks always to take caltran. it goes right to the stadium. there is some parking information you can get but that will increase the congestion midday at lunchtime. right here, it's still very slow because of the congestion westbound highway 4 speeds slamming down until you get to love ridge. the slowdown spreading through
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livermore pretty evenly so 15 or 16 minutes out of the altamont pass. speeds in the 50s through central livermore. sat knoll grade not showing any slowdown. 880 and 680 coming past the mission funnel. northbound 101 is the only concern. we saw that slowdown disappear and then return. so something is going on. presumably the backup at the tully off-ramp, but no incidents reported here. cleared on 101 at the peninsula. a live shot of the golden gate bridge as we see the low clouds but again not visibility an issue. >> she says they're going to burn off. >> i believe her. 6:12 right now. still to come, san jose leaders want other people to take salary cuts, so now they're taking some cuts of their own. we've got details coming up next. and a live look outside. beautiful bay bridge this morning. yeah, clouds are going to burn off in just a bit. stick around, we'll have more.
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welcome back, everyone. a live look outside this morning in the south bay. kind of seeing a little marine layer there, but christina tells us it's going to burn off and thankfully the sun will come out. 6:15 right now. san jose councilmembers are doing their part to balance the budget. salaries for the mayor and city council will drop by 10% and that cut will last for about two years. council members currently mak 0 mamak make$90,000. they will cut $250 per month off of their car allowance. mayor chuck reed declined all pay raises and his salary will stay at $105,000. some interesting changes if you're on facebook. users will now have a choice to opt out of the social media site's facial recognition
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feature. companies certainly making some big changes to the process for tagging friends in photos. bob redell joins us live from mountain view to explain what it all means for you. good morning, bob. >> reporter: well, yeah, good morning, laura. let's say a friend takes a picture of you and then they post that picture of you to your facebook account or to their facebook account. right now you can see there's no label for this photo. no one knows who i am unless they of course tag me which is where you go over here, you do the tag and type in bob redell and it comes up and you have to manually tell the computer, hey, that's me. well, facebook is now rolling out a new service, if you will, new technology. it's facial recognition. so let's say someone takes that photo of me and posts it on their facebook account. john smith, let's say. the technology will say, wait a minute, we recognize this photo as bob redell because we've got him in our facebook database tagged in other photos.
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so you can see where this privacy concerns arise. let's say if i was in the background of a photo, a place i didn't want to be seen at, at a strip club, a nudist colony, those are two very likely places, by the way for me, or maybe you are in a store and you're shopping off the discount rack in the background of a candid shot of someone, again, an uncompromising situation. >> there's no crime in looking for a good deal. >> reporter: whatever. >> answer me. let's say bob smith, okay, fine, takes a picture of you and you're out and about somewhere but he is not friends with you. it will still recognize your face? >> reporter: that's one thing i'm not clear about because this technology apparently is not up and running right now, but that is my understanding. let's say, yes, i'm a third party. i don't know the person who took the people and i don't know the people who took the picture, it is quite possible that the person would then have your name
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come up. again, i haven't seen this technology. this is something we're reading from the blogosphere. even if that wasn't the case, you could still have someone in the background -- wukd be in the background of a photo of someone you know. i was in vegas a couple of years ago. i got tagged in a photo. i didn't want to be tagged in that photo. i was manually able to untag myself. but let's say i was in that photo and someone else took that picture who didn't know me and now all of a sudden my picture is out there to someone i don't know. >> and can you untag it? we've got a picture of you in the newsroom. >> of course, you can still untag it. this is all undoable. the criticism that facebook is receiving, though, is that with this new rollout of this facial technology, you're automatically opted in. it doesn't give you the option of saying, yes, i want to sign up for this. they have already signed you up for it. so you have to go to your privacy settings an then you
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have to disable that feature. >> interesting. >> reporter: so that you are not going to be recognized by the facial recognition software. that's where the criticism is coming against facebook. so again, they're rolling this out. it is something you can opt out of. just so you know, you already are opted in. >> okay. so opt out if need be and keep it clean, no matter where you are. >> reporter: yep. >> thank you very much, bob. let's check the forecast right now with christina, no never takes a bad picture. >> yeah, right. y'all just saw that, but thanks, laura, thank you. good morning, we're looking pretty good. this is what we're all going to wake up with this morning but i do want to point out a couple of things. the marine layer is route now situated other the coastal areas. for the most part that's where it's the deepest, but you can see the sun shining through. that's something that we did not have at this time yesterday. it's not that deep so i think it should burn off until we hit
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noon. yesterday we had to wait until about 12:30. warm conditions for today as high pressure continues to build into the area. it's going to warm us up a little bit. as we head throughout this afternoon, about 3 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. a little bit warmer, even more so as we head into your thursday, the warmest day of the week. tomorrow if you're looking for the hot stuff that's where you're going to get it, thursday afternoon. 63 degrees for this afternoon in the city, looking really nice. clear conditions. as we head through 4:00 p.m., 70 degrees, a little breezy in the city but not too bad. if you've got tickets for the giants game, stay tuned, i've got that forecast coming up in just a minute. 75 in los gatos, 77 in santa rosa. here it is, breezy conditions, 65 degrees. hopefully they can pull out a win in the last game against the nationals. 80 degrees for thursday, 78 degrees by friday. a little cool-off for the weekend but not too much. we'll keep the 70s and the sunshine. just a few more clouds come into the mix.
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a little trough tries to cool us down, but no rain, laura, that's the good news. no rain. >> look at those temperatures, very nice, where we should be. voters in one bay area city will have to decide whether or not they want to pay to fix their streets. that story is coming up next. and we'll leave san jose via 101 where it moves smoothly now. a smooth drive so far, but we have had a couple of pretty major accidents on the southbound side along the peninsula so i'll let you know what to watch out for on your wednesday morning commute. and a live look outside this morning. golden gate bridge waiting for .hat cloud cover to burn off make way for some ni ceshe. s [ male announcer ] everyday, your car does a lot for you.
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owww! right here! right here! one for me! one for me! welcome back. it's 6:24 now. we've seen a lighter volume of traffic for the last couple of days but we still see that commute happening. right now the maze looks nice but the metering lights have been turned on. there's a giants game at 12:45. two things to keep in mind for your morning commute. we'll look at the golden gate bridge, another thing to keep in mind is just reported on the chp incident report, southbound 101 coming toward us, an issue midspan. sounds like a disabled vehicle there. i don't see any major slowing. we still see cars coming into the area but it might be an issue coming from the marin side. the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights have been turned on. this shot, it is a little hazy in the air but clouds are not
6:25 am
presenting an issue for visibility. it's not a pretty picture, it's just gray there. well, we certainly all like smooth roadways but san francisco voters will have to decide if they want to pay to fix their streets. the board of supervisors voted yesterday to place a $248 million bond measure on the ballot. some of the improvements would include $148 million for street repaving, $22 million to build curb ramps and improve sidewalks. $7 million to repair bridges and tunnel access. $50 million for pedestrian and bike safety and $20 million for traffic signal upgrades. all up for vote. apple's cloud causing quite a stir and not just good news for apple but other bay area companies as well. scott budman explains. >> reporter: good morning. not even one day after apple made its announcement about putting your information and music in the cloud, i walk into a coffee shop and what are people talking about? the cloud. this is technology that's been around for a long time but now
6:26 am
thanks to apple it's getting sexy and that's great news for many cloud-based companies here in silicon valley. companies like brocade, which have been involved in data and information storage for more than a decade, not to mention smaller companies like, a start-up that lets businesses and consumers store gigabytes worth of data in the cloud so they can take it with them anywhere. good news for cloud computing in gem, but tuesday was not kind to apple shareholders, perhaps after a big run-up in the stock ahead of monday's announcement they wanted something more like maybe a few phone. investors actually selling off apple shares both monday and on tuesday. also concerns as there have been for a long time about steve jobs' health. to be honest from where i was sitting, he looked as energetic as he has been in some time. speaking of energetic, let's head down to l.a. and e-3, the gaming expo. nintendo that gave us the wii, perhaps the most popular entertainment system of all time and now we have something they call the wii u.
6:27 am
this takes the wii and makes it portable. it comes with a screen that's about 6 1/2 inches large. you can use it like a sony psp or ipod touch. it's got portable gaming and an accelerometer and now you can take some of the wii experience outside. good news for gaming, good news for the cloud. i wouldn't be surprised if wii eventually puts its games up in the cloud. back to you guys. >> you were mentioning steve jobs. well, he makes a second public appearance in a week. i guess he's feeling better. this time to ask cupertino to make more room for apple. we've got a live report coming up. plus alameda approves a review of how its police and fire departments handled a man's drowning. and we'll tell you about a woman that police are calling eaanppe ssnce rsd disapopprance ansspoibible death of a bay area nursing student. ...and i just got myself a new bass boat...what's new with you?
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coming up on "today in the bay" the teen accused of shooting and killing an infant will be in court today. find out what prosecutors are trying to decide about him. >> reporter: good morning. i'm christie smith live in hayward. police say she was likely killed but michelle le's family refuses to give up hope that she's still out there and in need of help. we'll talk about that, plus a person of interest in the case. sunshine in the forecast, hopefully going to burn off these clouds. a live look outside, coit tower, alcatraz island in the distance. it's wednesday, june 8th, "today in the bay." good wednesday morning, thanks for joining us. halfway through the workweek. it's 6:30 right now. let's get looking at that forecast right now with christina loren. >> it's always easier to get over the hump wednesday when the weather is nice. and this morning it's just
6:31 am
gorgeous out there already. we do have some low cloud cover but it's burning off quickly and what we do have left over in places like livermore is already starting to break apart so the sun is shining through. 54 in livermore, 57 in hayward. we're headed towards the 70s today, even warmer tomorrow. i've got your forecast coming up in minutes. right now it's 6:31. let's check with mike and your drive. a disabled vehicle on the golden gate bridge, cleared without incident. we're looking at livermore where the slowing continues. 17 minutes now registering 30s and 40s in many spots throughout that westbound 580 commute out of the altamont pass. highway 4 has speeds below 10 miles an hour as is typical but pretty typical past love ridge. just that little blip at willow pass road. a live look at the toll plaza. the metering lights are on and the volume is building but it's a little slower because overall things are looking pretty good around the bay. >> thank you very much. this morning, not convinced by what the police are saying,
6:32 am
the family of michelle le are holding out hope that she will come home safely. christie smith is following the very latest developments live from hayward. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. you know, that's exactly right, michelle le's family are saying that they are not giving up hope. they say that police have said a lot of things, but they haven't given them any concrete proof that she was in fact killed, so they're going to hold out hope that she's still out there in need of help and they are still searching for her. well, police are saying that they can't give up to the public or the family all of the information that they have, specifically the evidence, because whoever did this may be able to come up with an alibi and even taint potential evidence that's out here. now, the family has put up a new billboard in the hopes of finding the 26-year-old nursing student who disappeared on may 27th when she went to her car on a break at kaiser permanente med
6:33 am
center in hayward. police say there is indeed blood evidence in her car, surveillance video taken from the medical center parking lot and they have interviews with at least 25 people and compelling evidence from 25 searches, but for her family, that's just not enough. >> yeah. i would want to see the body. they can't just tell me if i -- you know, something, and say that she's dead. we don't believe that. nobody believes that. >> reporter: now, one person of interest in this case lives in union city. that's a former roommate of le's. neighbors say police have visited the home several times. there are reports that she disliked le and blamed her for ruining a relationship with a former boyfriend who had since filed a restraining order, but she apparently said she had nothing to do with le's disappearance. meantime, police say there are several persons of interest in the case and they are still questioning people and searching
6:34 am
around the east bay. meantime michelle le's family are holding a vigil on thursday. the reward for information about her now stands at $65,000. reporting live in hayward, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> no doubt they'd like to see her come home safely. thank you very much. 6:34 right now. prosecutors should announce today whether or not they will charge two teenagers in the shooting death of this little baby. 3-month-old boy in east palo alto. police arrested a 17-year-old and a 16-year-old boy for the death of isaac jesus jimenez. the teens miss took the family for gang members that beat one of them. the 17-year-old suspect is accused of pulling the trigger. he will be in court today and could be charged as an adult. it is a tragedy that captured national attention, a man drowning in the bay while rescue crews looked on. now alameda city leaders are
6:35 am
getting an earful. marla tellez is in the newsroom this morning with the latest on all the backlash. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you at home. alameda's mayor is calling for an independent review of the circumstances surrounding the drowning of a 52-year-old man on memorial day. at the city council meeting last night some residents lashed out at the mayor and the council, angry over the drowning of raymond zack. on may 31st, zack walked into the water at robert crown state beach. the fire department came, but firefighters didn't go in. a private citizen pulled zack's body from the water instead. the city relies on the coast guard but the water was just too shallow for the boat. >> i've heard not one of you and not one officer say that this shouldn't have happened. >> if it was a police matter why didn't they bring in a negotiator and try to communicate with this gentleman. two years ago they suspended its water rescue program.
6:36 am
firefighters did not go into the water because they were following protocol. alameda's acting city manager says 30 firefighters have volunteered to take water rescue training and half of them begin next week. >> just bad timing. thank you very much, marla. apple steve jobs asking cupertino city leaders to build new headquarters. damian trujillo is live with an update. >> reporter: it was like a rock star showing up here in cupertino. steve jobs made his macworld presentation to the city council at last night's meeting. apple said it simply needs more elbow room and wants to stay right here to cupertino. he brought his aura to the council chambers and his art
6:37 am
tis's rendition of a spaceship-like structure. apple just bought 92 acres here in cupertino, report that once belonged to hewlett-packard. land that will soon be home to steve jobs and his apple empire. >> about 20% of the space is landscaping. most of it is a big asphalt parking lot. we want to completely change this and we want to make 80% of it landscape. and the way we're going to do this is we're going to put most of the parking underground. today there are 3700 trees on the property. we'd like to just double that. >> reporter: lots of giddy faces at cupertino city council last night. not many roadblocks are expected for steve jobs as he tries to bring his spaceship-like structure here to cupertino. the news conference from the city council announcing this plan begins at 11:00 this morning here at city hall.
6:38 am
everyone is wondering whether steve jobs will show up again. damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> i guess it is surprising he could have sent an apple representative, but he decided to do it himself. >> and who better a salesperson than steve jobs. you're right, he could have sent any vp or pr person, but he was here personally and i think the council appreciated that. he is their best tenant. >> the poor lady who wanted to talk speed bumps next, though, she didn't get as much attention. thanks so much. we want to check the forecast right now. hopefully things will clear up behind me and make for a brighter day out there. what do you say, christina? >> they're already clearing up. good morning to you at home. we've got a gorgeous day on tap. it's going to be a little bit warmer. we have less cloud cover to start out this morning than yesterday. yesterday the marine layer was at 1500 feet. this morning just 1,000 feet. that means it will be able to break apart much faster and we'll see the sun shine in by
6:39 am
10:30, 11:00. we had to wait until 12:30 yesterday. high pressure building up. we've got this big blocking ridge in place. it's taking the storm track well into canada. places along the oregon coast, washington coast looking good. mid-70s for us today. 54 degrees, though, for now in oakland. you don't even need that jacket. 56 in san jose and 54 in napa. headed towards the 60s by noon. oh, what a beautiful day. you're turning the fan on towards the end of the week because it's going to get a little bit warmer around here. today you might be able to do without, just open up those windows. 73 in redwood city, 75 in los gatos and 75 in san jose. mike inouye, if i was headed to the south bay right now -- if i was headed to the east bay right now from the south bay, what would be in my way, anything? >> heading that way from san jose, let's say up to oakland, no major issues. a very light volume of traffic. as you get closer towards the
6:40 am
maze, a smooth drive as well. you see the slowing at the berkeley curve and the big signal there because the metering lights are on. the giants are also playing at 12:45. midday games always cause slowing on the bridge as well as around at&t park. the bay bridge shows you the backup as it's built. finally we have almost all of the lanes built up back to the 880 overcrossing and a few lanes backing up towards west grand avenue. low clouds but burning off close towards san mateo. there's the hayward side showing sunshine and also the peninsula. it's 6:40 right now. coming up, we'll tell you about the latest facebook feature to stir up some controversy. and watch out if you try to cheat toll car pool lanes on 680. someone could be watching you soon. and even his fellow democrats trying to separate themselves from congressman anthony weiner. report from wass
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coming up next. why re/max agentslots of res average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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congressman anthony weiner says he will not resign, but a lot of other lawmakers say he should. the married man taking a lot of heat amid controversy he shared inappropriate pictures and conversations with women on the internet. today in the bay's tracie potts is live in washington this morning with more on the big fallout. good morning. >> reporter: laura, good morning. we're following this here in washington.
6:44 am
no word from weiner. he hasn't made any public appearances since that tearful apology. his office, his spokesman not answering phone calls or questions about the situation, but republicans have a lot to say. they think he should be out. democrats, many of them silent on this, trying to distance themselves from the congressman, from the scandal, although the senate majority leader harry reid said he thinks if weiner is looking for some advice he should, quote, call somebody else and that was his exact quote there. but perhaps weiner is hanging on based on public opinion. there's a new poll out that shows 51% of new yorkers think he should not leave congress. he should keep his job, despite his personal troubles. they think he's doing a good job. a majority, 56% said he probably shouldn't run for new york mayor, though, there had been some talk about that. the high majority say what he did was unethical but not illegal. >> but he lied, i guess to his wife. thank you very much. big brother watching over
6:45 am
san francisco's muni. transit officials say there's been a substantial increase in bus accidents. some new video surveillance system was installed in and outside of buses. the drive cam is installed in all 800 muni buses. in fact officials say accidents are down 50%. the drive cam is activated automatically by quick accelerations and slamming on the brakes and even jerking of the steering wheel. it's mainly used for recording accidents and improper driving. the system has helped muni's least safest drivers clean up their acts. toll lane cheaters be warned. the roads will soon have an eye on you. operators of the bay area's first toll lane on interstate 680 from sunol to milpitas are going to install cameras. the system would also assist the chp by quickly identifying those cheaters. at first violators will be sent notices to pay the toll.
6:46 am
if the cameras are reliable, interstate 680 joint powers agency will create bigger fines to penalize those toll cheats. the giants will play a day game at at&t park. they're looking to win the three-game series against the nationals. last night, not enough hitting to get the win. the giants scored one run, they lost it 2-1. the a's are in dire straits. the orioles going for the three-game sweep today. they kept the a's bats silent last night, just five hits, no runs. the orioles won 4-0. this could be the best catch that you're going to see all week. yeah, kansas city on monday, did you see it? a foul ball goes into the stands and a fan collects it in his popcorn bucket. there you go, we're going to see it again. nod bat, destroyed the popcorn but kind of a greasy ball with all the butter on it. not bad.
6:47 am
you've got to use what you can when the kbaball is coming your way. christina, it's a good day to see the giants. >> it's going to be a great day. we're looking pretty good this morning. high pressure building in with a vengeance today. it's going to build in and our temperatures are going to climb. they'll keep climbing tomorrow. tomorrow you might find yourself flipping on that fan. today, though, downright perfect weather to open up your windows, let the sunshine in, let that clean air blow in. this morning we do have a little light fog out there. nothing heavy, nothing below four miles of visibility. a thinning cloud deck as well. and then warm later on today, a building breeze. now thursday, if you wanted to plan a beach trip, that's going to be the warmest day of the week. if you wanted to hit santa cruz, i would do so thursday. a lot of kids are off for summer. 54 in oakland right now. we're headed towards about 63 degrees by noon in the city. that's when we'll start to see a
6:48 am
lot of that cloud cover clear out. mostly sunny conditions by noon in the city and by 4:00 p.m. completely clear conditions. 70 degrees as you make your way home from work. a little warm from san francisco in the east bay. 75 in san jose, 76 in gilroy. we do have a game, 12:45 weather should be perfect. you don't need to bring a jacket, but it is time to bring that sunscreen to the park with you as we have a pretty high uv index today and tomorrow. giants are still in town so bring that sunscreen. 78 on friday, a little cooler for the weekend but staying nice, laura. >> it looks good. finally the sun coming out. 6:48 right now. let's see if the traffic is coming out. we'll have a look at your morning commute coming up. eating athenos greek yogurt. iayiam mmmmmm! because athenos is made the greek way, never using preservatives or artificial flavors. athenos. maybe the only thing approved by yiayia.
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welcome back, everyone. a live look outside this time from the south bay this morning waiting for that cloud cover to burn off, make way for some nice temperatures. we've been waiting patiently for a while. what about the morning commute? hopefully you don't have to wait out there in traffic. >> you know what, laura, there's a pretty light volume of traffic and we have 580 coming out of the altamont pass. it's built to 20 minutes. you do have to slow down but no one is sitting still in traffic. that's good news at least for 580. highway 4 you do feel like you're stopped at times but then past horizon, they speed up for a short bit but there's the slowing we've been watching the last 45 minutes. now speeds down into the 30s. that's a little unusual for this portion heading in towards pittsburg, so we'll watch for additional slowing for highway 4. folks, you might want to get on the road if that is your commute. we'll get another look out to the roadways towards the maze and a smoother drive as you're
6:52 am
approaching the beige. the toll plaza metering lights have been on and finally they have built back towards west grand avenue. the low clouds hanging out in spots but starting to lift in many spots. they are using those headlights coming down the east shore freeway so keep that in mind as well. also some gray skies past the coliseum, although things are moving a little nicer. northbound with those headlights coming toward us and southbound, there's reports of a large pile of dirt as you get off of the freeway. there's been noway who's been hitting their brakes so 880 is clear. just watch it as you're coming toward city streets. >> good to know. thank you very much. 6:52 right now. the e-3 expo resumes this morning. lots of video game companies making a big splash, including nintendo. scott budman takes a look. >> reporter: good morning. we start with gaming. some exciting news from the gaming industry. we'll take you down south to e-3, the atlantic entertainment expo, all about video games. and we have an update to what has been just about the most
6:53 am
popular video game system in the world. it is the nintendo wii, they just unveiled what they call the wii u. this one takes the wii speerngs and makes it portable. you have a 6 1/2-inch screen complete with an acceloro meter. they say the wii u will be out in late 2012, no word yet on pricing. pricing affecting apple's shareholders. shares of apple tumbling on tuesday by $6 a share, the second consecutive day apple stock has fallen. why? there are some concerns about steve jobs' health. although to be honest i sat close to the stage and he looked pretty energetic to me. probably blamed this on profit taking. apple usually gets a big run-up in the stock. they did ahead of monday's announcement but with no new phone or pad or anything like that, the news about the icloud is very exciting but it's not all that sexy. cloud computing, however, is
6:54 am
starting to get sexy. just ask companies like brocade that's watched its stock price rise to multi-year highs. got another couple of boosts monday and tuesday. also a startup getting business from businesses and consumers that can store their information in the cloud. all of a sudden cloud computing is sexy and that's really good news for silicon valley cloud companies both large and small. watch these guys get even more business in the months and years to come. that is business. back to you guys. >> we know fable certainly gets a lot of business, but are you tired of being face scanned but now you've got a choice if you're on facebook. users will be able to opt out of the social network's facial recognition feature. companies making changes to the process are tacking friends and photos. bob redell is with us to explain the changes to the face scanning feature and what we need to be aware of. good morning, bob. >> reporter: facebook is getting some flak for this. good morning to you, laura.
6:55 am
let's say if you were to post a photo like i have of myself here onto your facebook page, what you have to do is manually go in there and tag this photo, label this photo to let the computer know this is in fact you. now facebook is rolling out some facial recognition technology that would automatically recognize you in that photo by default based on other tagged photos of you that have been posted on facebook, which is a privacy concern. so let me give you a purely hypothetical situation here, laura. let's say some friend of yours sends you a photo, a bachelorette party let's say of them and your friends at the a strip club and they're posting this on your facebook account because you think it's funny. in the process of posting facebook scans, all the photos in that picture suggests to you the names of all the people in those photos and it recognizes me in the background of that photo. obviously i don't want you to know that i was at a strip club, right, but i didn't know that
6:56 am
photo was being taken, i wasn't aware of it, so here i am, my name is coming up, it's an embarrassing situation for me. so you can see how this has a very big brother feel to it. it's certainly a proivacy concern. this morning here's mike and christina getting their normal candid shots. and look at that, fortunately this facial recognition is not working and recognized that idiot in the background on the phone stuffing his face with doritos. the reason why facebook is getting flak for this is because this is something that users are already opted into, so if you don't want this to be affecting you, you've got to opt out. it is pretty easy to do. i'm not going to get into the details, but you can go into the privacy settings over here and there's an enable or disable and you simply would disable it. facebook has come out and apologized saying that, you know, maybe we should have let our users be a little bit more
6:57 am
aware of this, so the word is getting out. there is serious concerns, though, in europe. the european union, their database regulators are actually investigating facebook now over this. they don't think it's right that you should be tagged visually and identified visually by default. google, incidentally, has this facial recognition technology where you can go up to someone on the street hypothetically, take their photo and then it would tell you who it is based on their database. >> that's creepy. >> but how accurate is it? >> reporter: hold on, google is -- well, we don't know because google is not going it out. they thought it was a little big brotherish, too much of an invasion of privacy. they decided not to roll it out. i do want to quote their ceo, eric schmidt. he took a facebook when they announced they weren't going to roll out this facial recognition saying while google may not be doing this, some company, by the way, is going to cross that line
6:58 am
in reference to facebook. so there you have it. >> it's interesting to see how accurate it really is because i look a lot different on the weekends than i do right now. >> oh, that's not true. >> thanks for joining us. thanks, bob. we'll see you later. . [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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